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ASC Finance for Business Worcestershire were approached by clients who were currently running a modern retail supermarket which they leased from the local authortiy. They had the opportunity to not only purchase the freehold of their business, but also acquire some of the neighboring retail units as well – providing them with a good source of income, a strong investment, and future potential.

Their requirements provided ASC with some interesting challenges. For example, theyhad agreed the purchase price with the local authority some years earlier when property valuations were more buoyant. Our clients also wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible about the fact that their current shop neighbours were soon to become their tenants.

All of this needed careful handling, and John Wood their local ASC Director, was able to look out for the clients from the start and at every stage of the trasnaction – so that any points of contention were dealt with or mitigated in advance. All of the above were negotiated with care an attention to detail, enabling our clients to achieve favourbale terms and complete the purchase.

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