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Client success stories

We’ve been in business a long time and have been able to help clients across all sectors with their business, commercial and property finance.

How have we raised finance for businesses like yours? We have written some successful completed cases about our clients and their financial journeys.

£100 deposit to really boost business

With many years experience in the business, Carol Laskey recently set up her own beauty company. She provides a “nursing led” service offering a much higher level of customer care than is the norm in the industry.

She identified an opportunity to further upgrade her service and new treatments to her product range. This required financing a new machine but she had little cash to put down and while she was sure it would pay for itself very quickly, she had no accounts to show as she had not long been trading. As a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, she was advised to contact ASC Finance for Business to see what they could do.

Once Carol met with ASC Regional Director Ian Morgan, she was confident that her application for finance would be handled speedily and professionally. Using the ASC lender panel, Ian soon identified a source who could provide a lease purchase option for the equipment with payments spread over 5 years. Carol was delighted. The deposit was only £100, after which, payments could be financed from her cash flow. With the equipment now delivered and set up Carol is busy letting people in the Swindon area know about her new services.

Why ASC?

We treat you as an individual and not as a form filling robot – and we won’t put you through to a call-centre.

You can speak to an experienced local finance director who has the knowledge and ability to make decisions. There is no obligation to discuss your project with us, so contact your local director today for a free consultation.