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We’ve been in business a long time and have been able to help clients across all sectors with their business, commercial and property finance.

How have we raised finance for businesses like yours? We have written some successful completed cases about our clients and their financial journeys.

Coronavirus lockdown – not a problem for ASC Clients Aimee and Simon!

At ASC, we always strive to find the right lenders for our clients and the right finance for each business.

Four years ago, Aimee Trigell and Simon James looked westwards from Hampshire for a pub/eating place with rooms. They wanted to to fulfil their ambitions of business ownership. With a good background in pub management, they found a business opportunity that, to quote Aimee, “ticked all the boxes”.

Finding their business

The Masons Arms in Williton, Somerset, a 16th century inn and restaurant in a village location, was their choice. Unfortunately, mainstream lending sources weren’t able to help. Not wishing to lose the opportunity, they were able to obtain facilities through a peer-to peer lender but the terms were not generous.

Nonetheless, they were able to hit the ground running. With some adjustments to menus and trading hours, they consolidated and further developed existing business.

Working with ASC

Three years later they reviewed their finance arrangements. They remembered their conversations with ASC and approached local Director Conrad Robins, who was delighted to hear from them again.

Conrad and Anthony identified a high street lender who they knew would be supportive and offer the terms and flexibility their clients needed and a deal was quickly agreed.

Despite the intervention of coronavirus, ASC continued to offer a personal, hands-on approach. They coordinated the various parties involved to get the deal done. Aimee and Simon were impressed by Anthony’s enthusiasm to assist at all times, noting that emails were answered “within minutes!”.

As well as the dedicated support of a personal lending manager, the new deal had a massive cashflow benefit for the business, as well as flexibility in the loan payments.

During the coronavirus crisis

At the time of writing, the Masons Arms is offering substantial support to the fight against the virus and the local community. It provides accommodation for NHS staff working at the nearby hospital and a delivery service for locals. This includes full-time catering for a 97-year-old.

One particular Sunday, over 70 meals were prepared for the community. They are grateful to Aimee and Simon for their ongoing assistance and efforts to help.

All in all, it’s a wonderful example of teamwork and community support that highlights how unity of purpose can benefit everyone!

Why ASC?

We treat you as an individual and not as a form filling robot – and we won’t put you through to a call-centre.

You can speak to an experienced local finance director who has the knowledge and ability to make decisions. There is no obligation to discuss your project with us, so contact your local director today for a free consultation.