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Client success stories

We’ve been in business a long time and have been able to help clients across all sectors with their business, commercial and property finance.

How have we raised finance for businesses like yours? We have written some successful completed cases about our clients and their financial journeys.

Flying High just like ASC!

Predator Experience was born in April 2009 and the business was to offer high quality interactive, inspirational natural history based experiences with a range of predators in their natural environment. The essence was to take a small group of clients (4 max.) to fly a Golden Eagle in the mountains and a hawk in the woodlands. It was a risky strategy, low unit numbers meant high unit price, in a recession the question was, would anybody pay?

Dee and Daniel moved to a rented property (Greenacre), but sadly, after 6 months the vendor sold the property. The only choice left was to build on the rented land intended for the birds. Christmas 2009, Dee found Barn Close advertised. It was everything they wanted, but it was £365,000. In February 2010 they entered a tenancy agreement with an option to purchase with a 2 year contract. They only had one financial year to take the business from a tiny profit to a mortgageable position.

Significant investment was put into the property but all that hard work was in order to purchase the property. The couple even got married! In 2010-2011, sales were good and the accountant delivered the fabulous news that the business had reached a mortgageable value on Barn Close, the bad news was that the banks’ lending policies had changed. Thankfully Daniel & Dee were introduced to ASC, through their local IFA and through meeting with ASC who assessed their application for finance, they managed to purchase the property and helped them realise their dream.

Why ASC?

We treat you as an individual and not as a form filling robot – and we won’t put you through to a call-centre.

You can speak to an experienced local finance director who has the knowledge and ability to make decisions. There is no obligation to discuss your project with us, so contact your local director today for a free consultation.