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Don’t Stop Believing – The journey of Keepers Gate Forest School

Belief! That’s what you need when you’re planning something out of the ordinary. And if it’s a business proposal, then you also need a good Broker – one who believes in you.

Rachel Landen and Nicky Lewis had a project in mind and were determined to achieve it. As specialists in early years learning and with Rachel’s background in farming, their unusual proposal was to establish a Forest School – an outdoor pre-school and holiday club.

A site had been identified that met their requirements but obtaining the relevant planning permission proved far more difficult to achieve.

After protracted applications and appeals, that initial hurdle was overcome but funding for such a distinct project was the next obstacle. Rachel recalled a recommendation from start-up funders South West Investment Group and contacted Conrad Robins at ASC for his professional assistance.

The partners were delighted with Conrad’s attitude and knowledge, his grasp of the concept and in particular his belief in them. This was crucial for a unique finance proposal with no track record but a viable business plan. “This was a lifetime opportunity, and we were determined to give it a go” said Rachel, “Conrad was just amazing.”

For such a novel finance proposal Conrad devised a strategy to provide initial funding to be followed by a longer-term facility and two years on from the initial idea, Keepers Gate Forest School finally opened in September.

Conrad was delighted to assist them “I have nothing but admiration for Rachel and Nicky, they were both so determined to get this project on wheels – how could you not support their efforts? Congratulations to them, we know the school will be a great success.”

With encouraging early numbers and a very successful first holiday club behind them, the prospects for Rachel and Nicky are very encouraging and the children are benefitting from such a stimulating environment which will greatly enhance their early educational progress and well-being, with longer term benefits in environmental awareness and positive mental health.

You can follow progress on their website and Facebook.

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