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A collection of our thoughts, opinions, (and sometimes general musings) on everything to do with all aspects of business finance, commercial finance, small businesses, and general news about ASC Finance for Business.

  • Banks, Finance

    Do you know the name of your bank manager?

    If you answered “yes”, that will put you in the minority. The traditional bank manager has disappeared. Gone are the days when you had a dedicated contact who understood your business. Someone you can pick up the phone and actually talk to. Nowadays, if you tried to ring your branch, you probably wouldn’t even be...

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  • Property

    Buy-to-Let Property – Limited Company or Own Name

    Thinking of buying a buy-to-let property? We will always say that a borrower should talk to their financial advisor or accountant when considering whether or not to purchase an investment property in their own name or through a limited company. You need to ensure that the structure is right for you in terms of taxation,...

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  • Banks, Loans

    Presentation is important.

    We were in conversation with a lender recently about the quality of applications they receive from different brokers. And they mentioned a stark difference between the two types of application they receive from different brokers. The first type (and we are happy to say this includes ASC), provide them with a summary of the transaction,...

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  • In The Press

    The first of a three part series: Finding the Funds - Pro Landscaper Magazine

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  • Banks, Business, Loans

    Bespoke, tailored exactly to fit you, created by experts with decades in the field. A suit? No, a loan!

    When many people look at business finance, there’s a strong temptation to apply the same assumptions that you would when looking at personal or residential loans. The bank deals with hundreds of loans every day, so they must have a variety of different loans to offer and for you to choose the best one. Right?...

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  • Business, Loans, Property

    Buying a Business - Leasehold vs Freehold

    You’ve got two options when it comes to buying a business. You can buy the leasehold, where you’re purchasing the right to use the land for a set period of time, but don’t have the same property ownership rights. On the other hand, you can buy the freehold, where you’re outright purchasing the property itself,...

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  • Finance, Loans

    What do lenders want to see? Experience.

    In past blogs, we’ve talked about a number of different things lenders will look at in any application for finance. But there’s one that we haven’t covered just yet – the importance of experience. When a lender offers you a loan, they want to be as certain as possible that they’re going to get their...

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  • Finance

    50 Not Out!

    Bringing in the New Year was especially sweet for ASC Finance for Business. Having begun raising finance for small businesses in 1969, the end of 2019 marked the end of our 50th year in providing a valuable service to the UK SME community. So, the beginning of 2020 marks the start of the next 50...

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  • In The Press

    Our article published in Teach Early Years discusses raising finance for a nursery business

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  • Finance, Financial World

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from ASC!

    We’ve just about reached that time of year again when the whole world shuts down for a few weeks. Christmas is a time to relax, kick back and enjoy time with your loved ones, and we’re no exception. This will be our last blog until the new year – so it’s time to take a...

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