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A collection of our thoughts, opinions, (and sometimes general musings) on everything to do with all aspects of business finance, commercial finance, small businesses, and general news about ASC Finance for Business.

  • Finance, Property

    Do I need planning permission to get development finance?

    Good question! And it is one we get asked often, as clients can sometimes be caught in a chicken and egg situation. They want to buy a property to carry out a development, but need the finance to buy the property, which might need the planning permission in place to be allow them to buy...

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  • Finance, SME

    Why it pays to use the right broker

    Do I really need a broker if I’m looking for business finance? Of course, if you ask us, as a commercial finance broker, we would give you a resounding “yes”! However, we truly believe that using a broker is the better option for a business looking to find finance. Why? The world of commercial finance...

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  • Business, Economy, Financial World

    What does 2021 bring for UK Businesses?

    So, we have finally seen the back of 2020, a difficult year for many reasons and one which provided many challenges for small businesses across the country, dealing with the effects of a global pandemic, lockdowns, and many other issues which made it such a challenging time. But now the new year has arrived, what...

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  • Miscellaneous

    30 years supporting local business in Devon and Cornwall!

    ASC Director, Conrad Robins, opened ASC Finance for Business in St Austell in 1990. Today, with offices based in Truro and Exeter, he is celebrating 30 years of helping businesses in Devon and Cornwall raise the finance they need.  We interviewed Conrad and his team to find out more about his work with local business....

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  • Business, Financial World

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from ASC!

    We’ve just about reached that time of year again when the whole world slows down for a few weeks. Christmas will be a time to relax, kick back and, we all hope (even more so this year), enjoy time with loved ones. We are no exception. After this week, this will be our last blog...

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  • Business, SME

    How to buy a Business

    When buying a business, there are lots of factors that you need to consider. The industry sector, geographic location and legal structure of the business will require you to act in a certain way to ensure that your business purchase is carried out without issue. First things first: What type of business suits you? Are...

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  • Finance, SME

    Secure the right finance to buy your dream business

    If you are buying a business there may be many reasons as to why you need to know the finance options available to you: to know that you can afford to buy the business and afford the repayments to know which businesses are and are not affordable so that you can focus your search on...

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  • Finance, Loans

    What interest rate can I borrow at?

    A simple question, but when it comes to commercial finance, it is not one which comes with a simple answer. But we understand how important it is to know what the answer to the question is before you start looking at whether or not it is worth you considering raising business finance. The truthful answer...

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  • Business, Economy, SME

    Who has had time to think about Brexit?!

    This time last year, we asked in our newsletter if anyone knew what was going on in the UK – we’d had a year of turbulent politics and we imagined that the year ahead would make for ‘interesting times’ – but as it turned out – for all the wrong reasons! Much of 2020 has...

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  • Business, Economy, Finance

    Don’t wait until a cash crunch to keep your business buoyant

    In August, the Office for National Statistics officially declared that the UK was technically in a recession for the first time in 11 years, although bounce back figures show that recovery may now be under way. What does recession mean for SME’s? Whilst Covid-19 may inspire the UK government to talk about aspirations for a...

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