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A collection of our thoughts, opinions, (and sometimes general musings) on everything to do with all aspects of business finance, commercial finance, small businesses, and general news about ASC Finance for Business.

  • Finance, Loans

    How can short-term finance benefit my business?

    If your business requires short-term funding, then you usually don’t have time to waste. You won’t have the luxury of being able to approach each and every possible lender to find out where you might be able to source the right finance. Short-term finance are business (or sometimes individual) loans, used to finance your business...

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  • Business, SME

    ASC works its magic, UK Citizen looking to secure finance but working in Dubai? ASC can help!

    ASC always finds other ways to get the job done and Philip Thompson, ASC Director in Northamptonshire has helped a client, Mr Wright, secure finance for his commercial property portfolio. Mr Wright has been a client of ASC for many years, so he was already aware of the value Philip can add and how the...

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  • Finance

    Brokers - what are they for?

    If you want milk, you would automatically go to the supermarket, if you need a mechanic for your car you would go to a garage and if you need finance you should go to an independent finance broker. There are ultimately two options if you want to arrange finance; you can do it yourself and...

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  • Finance, Investment, Loans

    What is Asset Finance and how can it help my business?

    In some industries, you may need to purchase a major asset (or a group of assets) be it machinery for manufacturing, or a fleet of vehicles for your everyday business activity. Unsurprisingly, purchases of this type require a high level of upfront expenditure, which depending on the cash flow of your business, you might not...

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  • Business, Finance, Loans

    Case Study: Finance for Dog Kennels and Cattery? ASC has delivered! 

    It is becoming increasingly common for family members to be working together and support each other in business opportunities. That can bring with it its own challenges and in this recent deal, successfully completed by Conrad Robins, ASC Director in Devon, we overcame some of the expected issues and more. A multi-generational family were looking...

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  • Business, Finance, Loans, SME

    So, do you want to grow? The three options a business may have.

    Have you ever looked at your competition and wondered why they are leaving you behind, excelling in product innovation and gaining more market share? Do you want to grow your business?  It is not a myth that it ‘takes money to make money’ and often SMEs struggle to invest in their business to push it...

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  • Business, Loans

    What is Bridging Finance and how can it help my business?

    Bridging Finance can be a useful tool for some businesses; it involves short-term borrowing usually for a specific project. So, what does bridging finance entail? It’s usually provided over a short period of time, at a higher monthly interest rate than a traditional longer-term loan. Lenders usually require a clear exit strategy – usually the...

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  • Banks, Business, Loans, SME

    Looking for a business loan? Look no further.

    It’s not unusual, at all, and at some point, many businesses will need finance. Whether for small things such as office works through to major business expansions, partnership buyouts, or even the initial costs of starting up a business, business finance can be for any number of things. At ASC, we pride ourselves on our...

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  • Banks, Finance, Investment, Loans

    Do you know the difference between serviced monthly, rolled up, and retained interest?

    Interest rates are the main cost of borrowing money. When you borrow money from a lender you are expected to pay back the amount that you borrowed, plus the interest on the amount borrowed. The number of different interest rates available when borrowing can be confusing, and varied. The types of interest rates on commercial...

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  • Banks, Business, Loans

    Stuck getting finance? You shouldn’t be….

    The process of securing finance can be confusing, and everyone’s requirements are slightly different, but what are the most common difficulties presented to businesses or individuals looking to secure finance? Where to go – There are just so many financial institutions, associations and different financial products available that can make your finance journey bumpy (before...

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