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A collection of our thoughts, opinions, (and sometimes general musings) on everything to do with all aspects of business finance, commercial finance, small businesses, and general news about ASC Finance for Business.

  • Finance, Housing, Property

    Holiday let still growing in the UK – can ASC help?

    We all know that summer 2021 was the season of the UK staycation, when Brits holidayed at home while foreign travel was curtailed by Covid. If you tried to book any sort of accommodation anywhere in the UK last year, you’ll remember how hard it was! It will therefore come as no surprise that there...

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  • Economy, Loans

    Lending returning to similar pre-pandemic levels

    Lending returning to similar pre-pandemic levels. It has been reported by different institutions, including the Bank of England, that lending levels are starting to pick up its pace and are now close to the healthy numbers before the pandemic days. The market volatility of the last few years appears to be easing, and the lending...

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  • Finance, SME

    Sometimes going back is the best way forward, and its EasyPZ Stay with ASC!

    The Cliffe family, father Dick, son Simon and his partner were operating the thriving EasyPZ Stay backpacking business in Penzance, Cornwall until they hit a couple of significant bumps in their road. Sadly, Simon’s relationship had broken down at the same time as their bank loan facility reached the end of its term, and then...

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  • Government, Loans

    The Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS) is ending – What other options are available?

    The Recovery Loan Scheme was introduced by the government to assist businesses with loans during and after the pandemic. The Recovery Loan Scheme is due to end in June 2022 and some lenders are announcing that they will be closing to new applications. There is still time to secure finance under the RLS, and ASC can help. Fear not though, as there are other available options for your business, even after the Recovery Loan Scheme closes for good. Speak to us to see if your business can benefit from: Working Capital Finance Commercial Mortgages...

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  • Finance, Investment, Property

    Commercial Property market on the rise in the UK.

    As the last restrictions were removed in the UK earlier in the year, and many companies have asked their employees to return to the office, commercial property is back in demand.   Many commercial property owners are seeing the rents which went unpaid, or were paused during lockdowns, being paid back, and there is an...

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  • Banks, Loans, SME

    Did ASC save Christmas?

    We are certainly proud of all the deals we’ve completed for our clients, but recently we had the opportunity to discuss one with Alison Hunter, from ASC in Scotland, and she explains why it was one of the most unusual deals she has worked with, where arguably ASC “saved Christmas”.   The clients were a couple...

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  • Banks, Government, Loans, SME

    The Bank of England has raised interest rates, again - What does it mean for me?

    In case you missed our first report from late December about the Bank of England raising the interest base rate and what to expect, we have a small update on it. And although the information itself has not changed much since December; it is still worth reminding you what it means for you today. So,...

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  • Business, Loans

    How ASC helps our clients – A Real Success Story

    Dan & the team at our Hampshire, Dorset & Isle of Wight office have done it again! Our client, who was introduced to Dan by a local mortgage broker, owned a 3 storey semi-commercial property in North Wales. Her family lived in one of the residential units of the building with the second floor flat let...

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  • Finance, Loans

    The value that ASC can add to your business.

    Picture the scene; you need finance, you have gone to your bank, explained your circumstances and what you want, filled in all the paperwork, waited patiently for the response, and then, sadly, been faced with a rejection. You then realise how a broker can help you and instruct someone highly recommended. The last thing you...

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  • Finance, Loans

    Finance for a long-standing returning client in Hove? 30 years and counting!

    ASC Hove’s Director, Dominic Williams has successfully secured another loan for a long-standing client in Hove. The business has been running for over 55 years, and our client has been running the company for 52 of them, 30 of those years working alongside ASC. We can proudly say that it has and continues to be a...

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