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The ASC Finance for Business Blog – A collection of our thoughts, opinions, (and sometimes general musings) on everything to do with all aspects of business finance, commercial finance, small businesses, and general news about ASC Finance for Business.

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    Knowledge at Your Fingertips

    The modern world runs on data analysis. Everything from stocks and finance trading to marketing and advertising runs on a foundation of solid data that helps direct decisions and focus attention on how a company’s actions impact its business offering. Whilst not as data-derivative as, say, stockbroking, the lending world is no different in this...

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  • Banks, Financial World, Loans

    Inviting a Comparison

    “How do you choose between lenders?” is a question we get asked often. It can be a tricky question to answer – no two brokers will have the same method, for one. But it involves broker and client looking at an offer and seeing if it really fits a business. However, there’s been a development...

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  • Financial World

    Blockchain & AI – Finance’s Future?

    Technology is amazing. We can do things today that would seem like magic at the turn of the century. There are few places where this is truer than Financial Services. The rise of “fintech” has changed the nature of brokers and traders, with communications taking hours, not days and complex calculations done in minutes. With...

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    Basic Opinions

    It’s no secret that lenders live and die by their interest rates. Exactly what interest rates a lender charges has a major impact on potential clients. As such, a change in the Bank of England’s base rate is a serious event. If the base rate rises, it could mean more profit, but if their rates...

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  • ASC Newsletters

    New Year, New Look, The Same Mission

    So, you might have noticed that something’s been a bit different on ASC’s website recently. Gone are the sedate reds and blues, no more are the sliding buttons, banished are the info pop-ups. This might have clued you into the fact that we’ve fully rebranded ASC! You’ll see our new yellow and black branding rolling...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Financial World

    Looking Backwards and Forwards

    2018 was an interesting year. With Brexit on the horizon and the markets potentially in turmoil, the financial world has had to be ready for big changes at a moment’s notice. For once The Budget didn’t bring major changes, but it did come with the caveat that it might need to be completely redone! With...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Housing, Property

    Going, Going, Gone! The World of Auction Finance

    Buying a property at an auction isn’t exactly the “normal” way to acquire real estate. Properties usually come onto the auction market because they have been seized from their previous owners as collateral – usually as a result of non-payment of some form of debt. This makes property auctions a potentially lucrative way of buying...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Finance, Financial World

    Could Crowdfunding Work for You?

    When you think of financing a business venture, crowdfunding probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. Why get £5 from 1,000 individuals when you can get the whole £5,000 from a real lender? Yet in recent years crowdfunding has become a popular option for companies to finance projects, with platforms like Kickstarter raising millions....

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  • Housing, Property

    Centre of A-tenant-tion

    Do you know who your landlord is? For some, that’s an easy question – they rent from a private landlord who they can contact if needed. For others, it’s less so – many people in the UK rent either from or through estate agents and property management services, with no definite “landlord” to contact. This...

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  • Loans, SME

    Stacking the Debt

    Lenders’ requirements should be stringent. To get a loan, a business normally has to pass a series of relatively strict criteria, to make sure that they’re in a position to pay back the loan. Normally, this goes off without a hitch, and a business is given a loan they can afford to pay back that...

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