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A collection of our thoughts, opinions, (and sometimes general musings) on everything to do with all aspects of business finance, commercial finance, small businesses, and general news about ASC Finance for Business.

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    Did you know you could use your pension for commercial property finance? Our latest ASC Infographic outlines SIPP Finance.

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  • Banks, Business, Finance, Loans

    We all know the bank managers have disappeared. But where did they go?

    In the “old days”, getting a loan was perhaps a simpler task. You went to the bank, you asked for an appointment with the manager, and got yourself booked in. Then you came back at your allotted timeslot, presented your business plan, and if the manager liked the idea, then they gave you the money...

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  • Business, Financial World

    ASC are both a local network and a national organisation. Just how do we manage that?

    Here at ASC, we don’t make a secret of the fact that we’re not structured in the same way that many brokers are. In fact, we’re proud of it. But sometimes we get asked about exactly what our structure means for our clients – how do they benefit from it? Well, it’s all down to...

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  • Financial World, SME

    What’s made ASC so successful over the years?

    Here at ASC, we don’t exactly make our age a secret. In fact, we’re proud of it – if you’ve been following us, you’ll have seen many messages about our 50th anniversary. But it does lead to one particular question every now and then – how have we been so successful for so long? When...

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  • Finance, Loans

    Payments on your loan can be a confusing prospect. Our new ASC Infographic helps explain your options.

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  • Banks

    Lenders, Lenders everywhere – which one is right for you?

    If you had to name every lender in the UK, do you think you could? We doubt it. When most people think of “lenders”, what they’re really thinking of is high-street banks. It’s certainly possible to name all of those, but at most that’s going to be around 20-25 different lenders. This might seem like...

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  • Loans

    Can I Repay a Business Loan Early?

    When you’re looking at a business loan, you’re normally looking at a fixed-term prospect. A business loan is based on a set repayment schedule over an agreed period of time. So we’d like to talk about a question we sometimes get. Can you pay back your loan early? Every business would love to pay back...

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  • Finance, Financial World, Loans

    Our latest ASC Infographic explains the concept of LTV

    LTV is a word that gets tossed around a lot in Business Finance. But what exactly does it mean, and how does it affect your loans? Well, our newest Infographic is here to clear that up!

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  • Finance, Financial World, Loans

    Loans are about people, not just product

    When you’re applying for finance, what do you think lenders look at? The financials? Definitely – lenders want to see what potential your existing business (or the business you’re purchasing) has to repay the loan before they’ll put money on the line. The business’ history? Certainly – they’ll want to know what your organisation has...

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  • Financial World, Loans, SME

    Everyone wants the “right” deal. What does that actually mean?

    One of the first things any broker will hear from a client is “What deals can you get me?”. It’s not an unexpected question, nor is it an unfair one. After all, when it comes down to it, a broker’s job is to get the finance you need, with the right terms. However, there’s one...

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