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Why you should buy a fitness centre in 2023

Thinking of buying a fitness centre? From health clubs to standard gyms, this article from will list the top reasons why investing in this sector is a smart choice. 

Is buying a fitness centre a good idea? 

Health and wellness are not products. They are a lifestyle that many people incorporate into their daily lives. The fitness industry contributes a significant amount of revenue to the UK economy, and owners of fitness facilities are integral stakeholders in this sector. Likewise, political and social conditions don’t often impact demand for this industry. This means that buying an existing health and fitness club can be a profitable route into business ownership, provided you remain dedicated, innovative and proactive.  

Top reasons to buy a fitness centre  

From loyal members to established operations and equipment, here are the top reasons why you should buy a fitness centre.  

Skipping the stresses of building a new centre 

While starting a fitness centre from the ground up can be rewarding in many ways, it requires a significant number of resources, skill, time, and effort. Buying a fitness centre affords you the existing property, equipment, systems, and workforce. However, buying an existing fitness facility does not get rid you of hard work and responsibility. You still need to have a strategic business plan and clear objectives to continue generating revenue.  

Loyal members 

An obvious benefit of buying a fitness facility is accessing repeat customers. One of the biggest challenges for membership-based businesses is acquiring and retaining customers, so the advantage of starting with loyal members is clear.  Usually, members will continue using the same facilities due to convenience, unique benefits, and familiarity. However, we do encourage you to avoid relying solely on these loyal customers. Like many industries, health and fitness centres experience fierce competition, so it is imperative that you acquire new customers.  

Opportunities for development  

While most existing businesses have opportunities for improvement, fitness facilities offer their customers an experience and lifestyle. This provides enormous room for growth and development. You can start by evaluating your current offerings and adapting them according to the evolving needs of your customers. Some ideas include:  

  • Creating a fitness community instead of a business  
  • Hosting exciting events or competitions  
  • Enhancing customer experience through technology 
  • Offering new classes and workout programmes that are relevant to different members 

Advice on choosing the right fitness centre  

Buying an existing fitness centre has many advantages, but it’s important to remain pragmatic in your decision. The industry is competitive, and prone to economic challenges and, as we have seen, unpredictable global crises.  

When choosing the right fitness centre, it is vital that you understand the process of buying a business. Always consider the following when buying a fitness-related business:  

  • Choose a fitness centre that will grow because of your skills and strengths  
  • Take due diligence seriously  
  • Have a strategic finance plan in place before you buy the business 
  • Understand potential risks your fitness centre will face (industry forecasting, competitors, economic conditions)  
  • Understand your target audience on a deeper level  

Owning your own fitness centre is an exciting challenge that can reap long-term rewards if you remain diligent and conscientious. We hope this article has been helpful, and we wish you the very best on your new journey into business ownership!  


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