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  • Business, SME

    How to buy a Business

    When buying a business, there are lots of factors that you need to consider. The industry sector, geographic location and legal structure of the business will require you to act in a certain way to ensure that your business purchase is carried out without issue. First things first: What type of business suits you? Are...

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  • Business, Economy, Loans

    Business Loans don’t always mean expansion – they can be whatever you make them!

    There’s a common belief in the business world that if a company is looking for finance, they’re looking to get bigger. Bigger premises, more staff, more orders, more clients, the works; after all, if you’re not growing larger, are you actually moving your business forward? Well, this week we’d like to address this topic and...

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  • Banks, Business, Finance, Loans

    We all know the bank managers have disappeared. But where did they go?

    In the “old days”, getting a loan was perhaps a simpler task. You went to the bank, you asked for an appointment with the manager, and got yourself booked in. Then you came back at your allotted timeslot, presented your business plan, and if the manager liked the idea, then they gave you the money...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Financial World

    Interesting Times are ahead – use them to your advantage. The ASC Autumn Newsletter

    Does anybody know what’s going on in the UK at the moment? We’d say that it’s fairly unlikely. With all the political dramatics and potential economic effects that’re being prepared for at the moment, the only thing that anyone can say for certain is that we’re in for interesting times. In times like these, the...

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