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    Why you should use a financial broker

    Whether your business needs additional finance or you’re looking to expand, a commercial finance broker can ensure that they find the right finance to suit your business needs. A broker will also have access to certain lenders who only talk to brokers and will know the right solutions to your business financing requirements. Here are...

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  • Financial World, Loans

    Do you rate the loan you’re looking for?

    It’s not exactly a surprising statement to say that interest rates are important in finance. You can have the best initial loan offering in the world, but if the interest rates aren’t right for your business, then your wallet will be hurting in due time. When you’re broking finance, you need to know that you’re...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Financial World, Loans

    What does it mean to “know” a bank? How brokers and bankers do business together.

    At ASC, we’re proud of knowing our lenders. We think we have a right to be – not many brokers have 50 years of experience doing business. So, where some might only know the banks that won’t lend, we know the banks that will. But what exactly does “knowing” a bank mean? How does it...

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