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    Lack of finance holding UK’s SMEs back, but finance is available.

    Towards the end of 2021, less than half of SMEs had their loans approved by their banks, one of the lowest levels in the past ten years. Nowadays, SMEs in the UK are picking up the pace post pandemic but remain affected by rising costs, finding and hiring skilled staff, and global supply delays. But...

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    Stuck getting finance? You shouldn’t be….

    The process of securing finance can be confusing, and everyone’s requirements are slightly different, but what are the most common difficulties presented to businesses or individuals looking to secure finance? Where to go – There are just so many financial institutions, associations and different financial products available that can make your finance journey bumpy (before...

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    Less financial products available, but don’t worry ASC can help!

    Since the start of the pandemic the majority of brokers have seen reductions in the financing products available from lenders. Close to 90% of brokers believe the most affected in 2021 will be commercial mortgages, unsecured loans and secured facilities.   Why is this likely to happen? There has been a lot of lending over 2020, but the majority of lending capacity has...

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    Secure the right finance to buy your dream business

    If you are buying a business there may be many reasons as to why you need to know the finance options available to you: to know that you can afford to buy the business and afford the repayments to know which businesses are and are not affordable so that you can focus your search on...

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    What interest rate can I borrow at?

    A simple question, but when it comes to commercial finance, it is not one which comes with a simple answer. But we understand how important it is to know what the answer to the question is before you start looking at whether or not it is worth you considering raising business finance. The truthful answer...

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    Bank Managers are people too – never forget that!

    We’re going to open this article up with a story straight from the archives. Once upon a time, we knew a bank manager who would never finance a baker. A middling pub with decent financials? He’d consider it. A leasehold manufacturer looking to buy its freehold? He’d make an informed decision. A freehold bakery, with...

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    You can’t access the experts – that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    No matter which way you cut it, finance is a specialist industry. You need specific knowledge and years of experience to properly navigate the financial world and find the right products. It’s one of the reasons we’re so emphatic that any business looking for finance has a broker. However, even in specialised fields, some are...

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