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Finding Finance

  • Business, Finance, Loans, SME

    Could funding be what your business needs for the future?

    For the past year SMEs across the nation have had to adapt to all the new changes and challenges presented to them in many forms due to the pandemic. For most that means it’s been quite difficult to plan for the future. With things levelling off, SMEs are now starting to make and even implement...

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  • Banks, Loans

    Scattergun Approach vs Targeted Precision – What works best for business finance?

    We were speaking to one of our lenders the other day. They were telling me that they kept getting applications from a finance broker, which they always looked at, but always knew that they wouldn’t do the deal. Why? Because that particular broker just sent a two-line e-mail to every lender they could find, in...

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  • Finance, Property

    Do I need planning permission to get development finance?

    Good question! And it is one we get asked often, as clients can sometimes be caught in a chicken and egg situation. They want to buy a property to carry out a development, but need the finance to buy the property, which might need the planning permission in place to be allow them to buy...

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  • Finance, SME

    Why it pays to use the right broker

    Do I really need a broker if I’m looking for business finance? Of course, if you ask us, as a commercial finance broker, we would give you a resounding “yes”! However, we truly believe that using a broker is the better option for a business looking to find finance. Why? The world of commercial finance...

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  • Business, Finance

    Variety is key – you have more options than you think!

    When people think finance, they tend to consider a small, group of options. After all, they only know the types of finance which they might have come across or read about. For example, an unsecured loan, or a commercial mortgage. But there might be many more avenues of finance available to them. But if the...

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  • Banks, Economy, Financial World, Loans

    Banks are making it difficult to get finance – is there another way?

    A survey last week by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fair Business Banking looked into the main High Street Lenders and whether they were open or closed to providing SMEs with the Government’s Bounce Back Loans. In particular, whether they were open to helping customers who were not currently their clients. The results might...

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  • Finance, Loans

    An introduction to invoice financing

    What is Invoice Finance? “Cash is King.” Many small businesses have problems with cashflow which are due to late paying invoices. The average reported time to pay an invoice is 38.97 days and 27% of invoices in the UK are paid beyond the agreed terms. This can complicate cash work for businesses and in turn can...

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  • Business, Loans, SME

    How to maximise your chances of receiving finance - 3 tips for the best applications

    So, you need additional financing for your business? With lenders receiving 1000s of applications a year, it is crucial that to be receive the highest level of consideration, your application stands out. Indeed, the quality of applications that lenders receive from different brokers is not always the finest and that impacts how they view any...

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  • Banks, Loans, SME

    Raising business funding today - More than just CBILS

    The Government’s Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) has received plenty of press in recent weeks. It has provided an opportunity for some business to receive finance which they might not otherwise have been able to access. The scheme has also come into some criticism (which we won’t get into here). But there are other...

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  • In The Press

    Our article published in Teach Early Years discusses raising finance for a nursery business

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