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  • Banks, Loans, SME

    Did ASC save Christmas?

    We are certainly proud of all the deals we’ve completed for our clients, but recently we had the opportunity to discuss one with Alison Hunter, from ASC in Scotland, and she explains why it was one of the most unusual deals she has worked with, where arguably ASC “saved Christmas”.   The clients were a couple...

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  • Business, Loans

    How ASC helps our clients – A Real Success Story

    Dan & the team at our Hampshire, Dorset & Isle of Wight office have done it again! Our client, who was introduced to Dan by a local mortgage broker, owned a 3 storey semi-commercial property in North Wales. Her family lived in one of the residential units of the building with the second floor flat let...

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  • Business, Finance, Loans, SME

    ASC Finance for Business – We go the extra mile

    We are certainly proud of all the deals we’ve completed for our clients, but most recently we were touched by a client which David Bamber, ASC Essex, had the opportunity to help. To set the scene, David received a call about a client who needed urgent finance for his business. After David’s meeting with the...

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  • Finance, Loans, SME

    Applying for finance on your own? Can we persuade you otherwise?

    If you have previously attempted to apply for finance on your own, you would know how difficult it is and how long it can take. Plus, you have to do it each time, for each lender. When you manage to submit your application, it does not guarantee the lender will approve it. And if your...

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  • Business, Finance, Loans

    Client Success Story: Securing commercial finance for a client living in Dubai

    ASC always finds innovative ways to do things, and Philip Thompson, ASC Director in Northamptonshire has done just that, helping a client secure finance for his commercial property portfolio with an out the box solution. Mr W has been a client of ASC for many years, so he was already aware of the value Philip can add...

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  • Business, SME

    ASC works its magic, UK Citizen looking to secure finance but working in Dubai? ASC can help!

    ASC always finds other ways to get the job done and Philip Thompson, ASC Director in Northamptonshire has helped a client, Mr Wright, secure finance for his commercial property portfolio. Mr Wright has been a client of ASC for many years, so he was already aware of the value Philip can add and how the...

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  • Finance

    Brokers - what are they for?

    If you want milk, you would automatically go to the supermarket, if you need a mechanic for your car you would go to a garage and if you need finance you should go to an independent finance broker. There are ultimately two options if you want to arrange finance; you can do it yourself and...

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    Do you know the difference between serviced monthly, rolled up, and retained interest?

    Interest rates are the main cost of borrowing money. When you borrow money from a lender you are expected to pay back the amount that you borrowed, plus the interest on the amount borrowed. The number of different interest rates available when borrowing can be confusing, and varied. The types of interest rates on commercial...

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  • Investment, Property

    Can I use a SIPP to invest in commercial property?

    What is a SIPP? The self-invested personal pensions (SIPP) are designed for people that want to manage their own pension funds. SIPPS can provide a cheap, flexible and straightforward way to save for your retirement. SIPPs are primarily for those who don’t want a pension company deciding how their pension savings are invested and prefer...

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  • Business, Finance

    Can my business benefit from Invoice Finance?

    A few weeks ago, we wrote to explain what invoice financing is and how it works (here in case you missed it). Have you thought about Invoice Discounting? In our experience, clients don’t think about it often enough. Below are some reasons why invoice financing would be something for your business to think more carefully...

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