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Voice activated Phone Systems – ARGHH!!!!

I had a frustrating experience the other day.

I had to phone up our bank (who I won’t name), to ask a question about our business account. Now, we are all used to being asked for security information (whilst it is annoying, it serves a purpose of keeping our accounts secure!). But this bank had decided that you had to provide the details of your passcode by voice. So, it would ask you to say the 6th digit of your passcode, followed by the 8th digit etc. etc.

This itself was fine, but the system they were using was not. It just couldn’t understand what I was saying! So, much to the amusement of the rest of the office, who could just hear me shouting “six”, getting more and more frustrated as I was met with “not recognised” on each time!

Eventually we got through and were able to speak to a human being, who proved to be very helpful. But wouldn’t it have been much easier to do that to begin with!

At ASC, we pride ourselves on our personal approach. That’s why we don’t use call centres, and you can speak to an experienced professional about your financial requirements.



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