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    Looking for a business loan? Look no further.

    It’s not unusual, at all, and at some point, many businesses will need finance. Whether for small things such as office works through to major business expansions, partnership buyouts, or even the initial costs of starting up a business, business finance can be for any number of things. At ASC, we pride ourselves on our...

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  • Business, Finance, Loans

    How do I know if my business needs external finance?

    The short answer here is that it can be hard to know. Only 36% of SME’s utilise external finance, and in our experience not as many business owners are as aware of how a cash injection can help them. What signs are there that raising some finance could help you? Well, these will vary, but...

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  • Investment, Property

    What do I need to start a new Property Development Project?

    To become a property developer, you need to do extensive research and factor in many different things. Our six steps to success are below: Creating a business plan: set out in detail what you would like to do with your business (Target market, Property types, Timescales, Costs) Buy-to-let vs buy-to-sell: Buy-to-let may take continued maintenance...

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  • Economy, Housing, Investment, Loans, Property

    Will Brexit affect property development in the UK?

    One of the big questions about Brexit is how much it will impact the UK economy, be that positively or negatively. In particular, for property development, we still don’t know, but for the moment the signs are positive. Most developers remain positive and hopeful about their projects being unaffected by the Brexit deal for the...

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  • Economy, Finance, Investment, Loans, Property

    Can I get finance for my property development project during an economic downturn?

    We often speak to our clients who are looking to raise finance for a property development, which can be complicated at the best of times. Every project is different and has differing requirements and solutions. We are increasingly being asked if finance is still available, at the moment, whilst the economy is in recovery mode....

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  • Business, Finance, Government, Loans

    Nearly 100,000 CBILS loans!

    The Government have released the latest statistics for their government-guaranteed COVID loan schemes which were introduced to support business through the coronavirus – namely, CBILS, CLBILS and BBL. And it is fair to say that there has been a wide take-up of the various schemes. In total, £75bn(!) was lent to businesses during this period,...

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  • Finance, Loans

    Can I get a business loan with bad credit?

    It is a question we often get asked. A client wants to borrow finance for their business or a property project but has a poor credit history. They are therefore concerned that they might be declined by lenders for this reason. The short answer is that lenders do take an applicant’s credit history into consideration....

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    More than an Interest Rate!

    What is the cheapest interest rate I can get? This is a question we often get asked. And we understand why. After all the interest rate is an important number if you are trying to evaluate whether a loan is the right one for your business. But (and it may sound stupid!) there is a...

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  • Banks, Economy, Financial World, Loans

    Banks are making it difficult to get finance – is there another way?

    A survey last week by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Fair Business Banking looked into the main High Street Lenders and whether they were open or closed to providing SMEs with the Government’s Bounce Back Loans. In particular, whether they were open to helping customers who were not currently their clients. The results might...

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  • Finance, Loans

    Bridging Loans – Closed vs Open

    There are times where your business will only need finance for a short period of time. Whether it’s two months or two years, these can be for anything ranging from a small commercial project to big business improvements that you want to quickly pay off. Different types of short-term financing include closed bridging and open...

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