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    ASC works its magic, UK Citizen looking to secure finance but working in Dubai? ASC can help!

    ASC always finds other ways to get the job done and Philip Thompson, ASC Director in Northamptonshire has helped a client, Mr Wright, secure finance for his commercial property portfolio. Mr Wright has been a client of ASC for many years, so he was already aware of the value Philip can add and how the...

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  • Banks, Business, Investment, Loans

    Less financial products available, but don’t worry ASC can help!

    Since the start of the pandemic the majority of brokers have seen reductions in the financing products available from lenders. Close to 90% of brokers believe the most affected in 2021 will be commercial mortgages, unsecured loans and secured facilities.   Why is this likely to happen? There has been a lot of lending over 2020, but the majority of lending capacity has...

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  • Banks, Business, Economy, Finance, Investment

    Will lending ever go back to “normal”?

    According to a recent Bank of England report, net bank borrowing by small and medium sized businesses was a record £43.3 billion in 2020 compared to £1.4 billion in 2019.  It is expected that by the end of 2021 UK small business borrowing will exceed £60bn. For small business using governmental and private financing options...

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  • Loans

    How to find a commercial lender that works for you and your business?

    Did you know that there are over 300 banks and 45 additional building societies in the UK? That’s quite a lot! So how do you know which lender is the right one for you and your business? At ASC we offer a refreshingly personal service for business owners. This is an experience that may not always be received...

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  • Banks

    Lenders, Lenders everywhere – which one is right for you?

    If you had to name every lender in the UK, do you think you could? We doubt it. When most people think of “lenders”, what they’re really thinking of is high-street banks. It’s certainly possible to name all of those, but at most that’s going to be around 20-25 different lenders. This might seem like...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Financial World

    Time Marches On – Finance is no exception to the rule!

    Attitudes change over time. That’s one of the inveterate facts of the world. What was once an outlandish and ridiculous suggestion, ten years later becomes the de facto norm. Finance is no exception to this – a fully-computerised loan process must have seemed mad when first suggested! The newest change in the status quo of...

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  • Banks, Financial World, Loans

    Are unsecured loans really a “poison pill”?

    There are many different ways to get a loan. We’ve talked about a number of them in these blogs, and you’ll find even more on our website. However, the financial process has another part to it – security. Security is a deceptively complex topic, with a lot of different interpretations to be had. So, here’s...

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  • Banks, Finance, Financial World, Loans

    A Universal SME Finance Platform – Ideal Future, or a Pipe Dream?

    Lenders aren’t homogeneous. That’s one of the big challenges of SME finance. Different lenders will want things presented in different ways. We won’t lie, it can make for a challenging process sometimes where you have to re-arrange an application every single time you put it forward. A lot people think that should change. At an...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Finance, Financial World

    AI and Fintech – Can you trust a computer with your loan?

    There’s a strong argument being made to start leaving many major finance decisions to AI. An AI can react faster, spot trends sooner and analyse more data than any human – it’s easy to see why it’s a sensible decision. But is this wise for the broking world, where personality can mean so much? Fintech...

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