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What does a commercial finance broker do? 

ASC Finance for Business is a commercial finance broker. This blog post explains what that means and how using a commercial finance broker could benefit your business.

What is a commercial finance broker?

A commercial finance broker is an intermediary between businesses seeking financing and lenders or financial institutions providing commercial loans.

Professional brokers are experts in their field. Their role is to assist businesses in securing suitable financing options to meet their specific needs. They can arrange all types of commercial finance, from loans to commercial mortgages.

What does a commercial finance broker do?

A commercial finance broker has extensive knowledge of the lending landscape and relationships with various lenders and financial institutions. They also have access to lenders only available via an intermediary.

With this insight and extensive contacts, they will scour the market to find the right deal for your circumstances. When they’ve found a suitable product, they’ll guide you through the application process – helping to compile the necessary documentation and ensuring that the application is complete and meets the lender’s requirements.

What are the benefits of using a commercial finance broker?

Using a commercial finance broker to help with your commercial funding needs offers many benefits, these include:

  1. Time-saving: Searching for financing options, gathering documentation and negotiating with lenders can be time-consuming and demanding for businesses. A commercial broker will handle the entire process, from sourcing to application and settlement, allowing you to focus on other parts of the business.
  2. Wider choice: Commercial finance brokers have established relationships with many lenders and alternative financing sources. They’ll also have access to funders that you can’t approach directly. With a vast network to source from, there’s a greater chance of finding a suitable financing option.
  3. Expert guidance: Commercial finance brokers are well-versed in the lending landscape and have in-depth financial industry knowledge. This expertise can provide you with valuable insight and, as they guide you through the application process, increase the likelihood of a smooth and successful application.
  4. Customised financing solutions: Your financing requirements are unique to your business. A commercial finance broker will take the time to understand your goals, financial situation and funding requirements. With this knowledge, they can recommend and structure financing options that align with your objectives, ensuring a better fit and higher chances of approval.
  5. Expert negotiation: Commercial finance brokers have experience in negotiating with lenders. They can advocate for your business, aiming to secure favourable loan terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules.
  6. Ongoing support: Your commercial finance broker will provide continuing support and act as a point of contact throughout the loan process. They will address any questions or concerns, liaise with lenders, and facilitate communication between you and the lender. This support can help alleviate stress and ensure a more efficient and transparent financing experience.

If you have commercial funding requirements and would like the assistance of a commercial finance broker, please get in touch.

What does a commercial finance broker do

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