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Property Development Finance

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    What do I need to start a new Property Development Project?

    To become a property developer, you need to do extensive research and factor in many different things. Our six steps to success are below: Creating a business plan: set out in detail what you would like to do with your business (Target market, Property types, Timescales, Costs) Buy-to-let vs buy-to-sell: Buy-to-let may take continued maintenance...

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  • Finance, Loans, Property

    Are you a property developer? What should you do to get finance?

    Although the past year has had its difficulties, market confidence is now slowly growing again, fuelled by the vaccination programme and the easing of restrictions. There are a few points which developers should pay attention to when taking their projects forward, and they include: Increase loan terms due to potential delays: although the industry did...

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  • Economy, Housing, Investment, Loans, Property

    Will Brexit affect property development in the UK?

    One of the big questions about Brexit is how much it will impact the UK economy, be that positively or negatively. In particular, for property development, we still don’t know, but for the moment the signs are positive. Most developers remain positive and hopeful about their projects being unaffected by the Brexit deal for the...

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    Looking at Property Development Finance?

    What is development finance? Typically, larger loans for property projects, needed because projects are more complex and take longer to complete. Development finance is used to fund large property ventures, such as renovations, regeneration projects, conversions and developments, and cannot be used for smaller property projects (Bridging loans or refurbishment finance would work best in this case)   Examples of where this type of...

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