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Getting a Loan

  • Business, Loans, SME

    How to maximise your chances of receiving finance - 3 tips for the best applications

    So, you need additional financing for your business? With lenders receiving 1000s of applications a year, it is crucial that to be receive the highest level of consideration, your application stands out. Indeed, the quality of applications that lenders receive from different brokers is not always the finest and that impacts how they view any...

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  • Finance, Financial World, Loans

    Loans are about people, not just product

    When you’re applying for finance, what do you think lenders look at? The financials? Definitely – lenders want to see what potential your existing business (or the business you’re purchasing) has to repay the loan before they’ll put money on the line. The business’ history? Certainly – they’ll want to know what your organisation has...

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  • Financial World, Loans, SME

    Everyone wants the “right” deal. What does that actually mean?

    One of the first things any broker will hear from a client is “What deals can you get me?”. It’s not an unexpected question, nor is it an unfair one. After all, when it comes down to it, a broker’s job is to get the finance you need, with the right terms. However, there’s one...

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  • Banks, Finance, Loans

    Business finance is a bespoke service. So why not make sure you’re getting what’s right for you?

    If you’ve been eagle-eyed this month, you might have noticed there’s a bit of a theme to the blogs. First, we talked about how a broker was faster than looking on your own. Then, we talked about how a broker provides a much simpler experience than the banks. It’s almost as if we’re making a...

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  • Banks, Financial World, Loans

    The finance process is a chore – but it’s one you don’t have to go through.

    Earlier this month, we talked about how slow starting your finance journey can be without a broker. If you’re trying to talk to banks directly, then you can spend weeks waiting around for a response. A broker presents a much faster solution. Unfortunately, that sluggishness is often prevalent throughout the whole finance process. If you...

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