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  • Business, Financial World

    ASC are both a local network and a national organisation. Just how do we manage that?

    Here at ASC, we don’t make a secret of the fact that we’re not structured in the same way that many brokers are. In fact, we’re proud of it. But sometimes we get asked about exactly what our structure means for our clients – how do they benefit from it? Well, it’s all down to...

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  • Financial World

    You might be surprised, but finance is a local business

    When most people think “finance”, they think on a national perspective. The default image of finance is the big, high-street banks making transactions on a large scale across the country without regard to individuality or the areas they’re in. Now, we’ve talked before about how high-street banks aren’t the only option available – and it’s...

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  • Finance, Financial World, Loans

    It Pays to Shop Local

    Like any sector, the finance world has lenders of all shapes and sizes. From massive multinational banks to smaller, more local lenders, there are over 300 different funding sources available for a business looking for finance in the UK. But not all lenders are created equal – depending on where you are, and what exactly...

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