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You might be surprised, but finance is a local business

When most people think “finance”, they think on a national perspective. The default image of finance is the big, high-street banks making transactions on a large scale across the country without regard to individuality or the areas they’re in. Now, we’ve talked before about how high-street banks aren’t the only option available – and it’s an important enough point that this won’t be the last time we talk about it. Finance is available from all sorts of lenders all over the country, which brings us to an important point that’s too rarely recognised – despite the national image, finding finance is all about your local area.

Finding finance becomes much more difficult if you’re not familiar with the businesses and lenders in your local area. There are plenty of lenders that might be particular to a few areas, and even the big national banks will have regional branches that make their own decisions on lending. The best way to secure finance is to know and work with the people who provide it. A local broker who knows all the local and national lenders, and has been working with them for years stands a much better chance of finding you the finance that actually works for you.

Finance might seem like a big, faceless sector, and in many ways it is. But when you get down to the details, finance really is a local business as well. That’s why we’re so proud of our network of Regional Directors – their hard work and local knowledge means that they can find the right finance for their clients, no matter the situation.

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