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Why it pays to use the right broker

Do I really need a broker if I’m looking for business finance?

Of course, if you ask us, as a commercial finance broker, we would give you a resounding “yes”! However, we truly believe that using a broker is the better option for a business looking to find finance.


The world of commercial finance can be confusing. There are many different options, terms, confusing jargon, different types of lenders… etc. etc. It can be a minefield to navigate all of this successfully.

In the olden days, you could simply get in touch with your personal bank manager, call them directly, and ask for their advice. But these days, you are unlikely to have a dedicated person you can speak to. So you are left on your own, or dealing with a chatbot, or a call centre on a different continent.

Using a broker can take away all the hassle. A broker understands the jargon and can present it to you in a manner that makes sense. They can ensure that you speak to the right people, and secure the right finance for you and your business, rather than finance which might not be suitable.

So if you are unsure about finance and unsure about what a broker can offer, we’d suggest speaking to us. There’s no obligation, and we can talk you through how we can set your business on the right path.

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