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What does it mean to “know” a bank? How brokers and bankers do business together.

At ASC, we’re proud of knowing our lenders. We think we have a right to be – not many brokers have 50 years of experience doing business. So, where some might only know the banks that won’t lend, we know the banks that will. But what exactly does “knowing” a bank mean? How does it help a broker find the right finance for their clients?

The simplest answer is that knowledge is power – and knowledge only comes with experience. Not every lender is suited to every business – some will offer finance that wouldn’t work in certain circumstances. The more experience you have, the more aware you are of which lenders will work for each client. After 50 years, we can certainly say we’re experienced – and that means we can match clients to the lender that’s right for them.

But there’s more to “knowing” lenders than just experience of their processes and requirements. To properly know a lender, you have to know its people. Whereas a business might only be speaking to a lender a few times, a broker is speaking to lenders on a regular basis. It’s our job! You get to know the people who make decisions, and that’s more valuable than anything for a finance application. There’s a lot of bureaucracy involved in finance – it can be difficult to even get started if you’re looking on your own. A broker who knows the decision-makers, though, can get a client’s application straight to the people that really matter.

Here are examples straight from our records that prove that:

  • ASC helped a hairdressing salon in Surrey who were looking for £150k, but were flatly denied by their bank. We got on the line to the decision-makers. Once we spoke to the right people, the loan was sanctioned through that very same bank!
  • After the original lender for a £400k loan went into administration, ASC got on the phone to our contacts in the local area. After only a moment of panic on our clients’ part, we had their loan secured through a new bank, with no change in rates or additional fees

So when we say that we “know” banks, you can be sure we mean it. That means that we can help you find the right lender, to get the right finance, to help you make the right decision!

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