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Variety is key – you have more options than you think!

When people think finance, they tend to consider a small, group of options. After all, they only know the types of finance which they might have come across or read about. For example, an unsecured loan, or a commercial mortgage.

But there might be many more avenues of finance available to them. But if the borrower doesn’t know about them, then how can they ensure they get the right finance.

One of the benefits of using a broker is that you have access to many different types of finance. From the peer-to-peer, through to tight-timeline auction finance, and even utilising asset or invoice finance, there are many types of finance available.  Depending on your business, location and proposal, some of these options could easily be the right ones for your business!

When you use someone like ASC to help find finance for your projects, the types of finance you can find that might suit you better give you so much variety you’ll have it coming out of your ears!

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