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Experience and Understanding – Always Necessary!

Nobody knows a business like its accountant. Their knowledge of a business’ books and finances means they have a better understanding of the exact situation a business is in than any other employee. This puts them in a unique position when it comes to business finance – their understanding of a business means they can recommend finance providers with a lot more knowledge and surety behind them.

However, the results of a recent survey of accountants and their recommendations for finance highlight the fact that even among experts, there is a serious knowledge gap over what the available options for finance are. Whilst the majority of accountants would recommend an external finance provider to a client, a commonly cited reason among those that didn’t was that they found the different finance options available difficult to understand. They also felt that it would be too much administrative stress to help handle the relationship between a lender and their client.

This highlights just how important a broker can be to finding finance for your business. On your own, business finance can be an incomprehensible world full of strange titles and stranger acronyms – so much so that even an accountant can get lost! With a broker, though, you have an expert at your side who knows all about the finance world and can help put your options into simple, easy-to-understand terms. A broker knows the market, and can help you navigate it with the minimum of hassle and administrative stress. Business finance is a complicated world, but brokers make it simple.

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