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Different ways that securing finance can positively impact your business

Over the past few months, we’ve seen reports of SMEs in the UK, even those that are highly profitable, having issues securing finance for their projects. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, SMEs represent 99.9% of the 5.5 million businesses in the UK, so keeping them funded and successful is vital. We’re here to explain how a much-needed cash injection to your business can support growth in the coming years. 

We think some of the most important ways that finance could support your business are the following: 

  • Financial flexibility – Finance can allow businesses to promote innovation and development, and make purchases with the flexibility to know that there is enough cash to do so.  
  • Peace of mind – A cash injection could help your business with any final bits of post-Covid recovery (if you need them), or with increased pressures due to the current economic climate.  
  • Keep your business moving – Finance could allow your business to meet your operational needs such as paying staff, and raw materials, restocking your inventory of products, and others. 
  • Purchasing or expanding premises – If you are currently renting premises to operate, purchasing them will provide a boost to your business confidence and reduce costs long-term. By purchasing, the premises will belong to you a certain time, as opposed to renting for an indefinite time, in some cases the mortgage may be lower than your current rent. If you currently own the premises, an expansion could enable further growth. 

Ultimately, our job is to look at what you need and see what solutions might be right for you. We then collate all the information and present it to the bank in the way that is most likely to get you the outcome you are looking for. After 50 years in the market, we know that what every business owner wants from their finance is slightly different – the fact we understand that is a key ingredient to ASC’s success. Let us help be part of yours.  

We secure business finance for business people. Find your local ASC office for more information. 

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