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Can I get finance for my property development project during an economic downturn?

We often speak to our clients who are looking to raise finance for a property development, which can be complicated at the best of times. Every project is different and has differing requirements and solutions. We are increasingly being asked if finance is still available, at the moment, whilst the economy is in recovery mode.

The answer is that raising finance depends on several factors such as type of property, purchase price, square footage, development costs and previous experience. Whilst there is still finance available, it can be trickier to get the backing of lenders. That means it matters more that you put your case forward in the best possible light, and that can be trickier with property development finance where they are so many competing factors. It is more important than ever to have someone you trust working on your side. Fortunately, at ASC, we will help you find the right finance for your business regardless of the current situation.

ASC can help our clients to raise finance for their projects, from refurbishments to large scale constructions, we optimise and tailor applications to secure the right finance. Contact your local ASC office for more information.

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