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Business finance is a bespoke service. So why not make sure you’re getting what’s right for you?

If you’ve been eagle-eyed this month, you might have noticed there’s a bit of a theme to the blogs. First, we talked about how a broker was faster than looking on your own. Then, we talked about how a broker provides a much simpler experience than the banks. It’s almost as if we’re making a series of blogs based on our faster, simpler, better motto…

With that in mind, you’re probably able to guess this week’s topic. Now, it’s impossible to say that a broker can provide you with objectively “better” finance. However, what we can say is that using a broker presents a higher chance of getting the finance that’s right for you.

Business finance is a tailored product. No two businesses will have the same loan. That means there’s a lot of variables that all factor into your final product. When you’re running a business on top of looking for finance on your own, keeping track of all those variables is a massive task. You might strike gold and get a great deal, but experience tells us that more often than not, you’ll end up with a package that’s not suited to your situation and business.

That’s where a broker comes in. You shouldn’t have to manage all of those variables – that’s the broker’s job. They take their experience and knowledge of your business to help you craft a loan that’s specifically tailored for your business, and for what you need – all whilst you can spend your time focusing on making that business a success.

Ultimately, is a broker necessary for finding finance? Not always. You might be able to find it on your own. But as you’ve hopefully seen throughout this month, brokers like ASC are a key part of finding the right finance quickly and easily.

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