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Why bother using a finance broker?

As commercial finance brokers, we occasionally hear clients say that they don’t really want to use a broker for their business finance, rather that they would prefer to approach the lender directly.

So why should people use a commercial finance broker at all?

The marketplace for commercial finance is becoming more and more challenging. Lenders’ criteria are becoming ever stricter, and as a result the role of a finance broker in the marketplace is growing increasingly important. With tighter criteria, the ability of a broker to access a wide range of lenders, from traditional high street banks, to niche and specialist lenders, means that there are more chances for an application for finance to be approved.

Commercial finance is a bespoke service. Since every business and every commercial property is different, no two deals are the same. Therefore a broker is able to use their experience and specialist knowledge to analyse your deal and establish which lenders will be willing to consider financing the proposal, to negotiate with them and ultimately to create competition between them, to ensure that the right finance is obtained.

Still not convinced about what a broker can do for you and your business? Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some recent examples of our success, or read what our clients have had to say about us. Or contact us directly, and we’ll happily explain to you how ASC can help you get the right finance for your business.

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