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    Why bother using a finance broker? 

    As commercial finance brokers, we occasionally hear people say that they don’t really want to use a broker for their business finance, rather that they would prefer to approach the lender directly.  So why should people use a commercial finance broker at all?  The marketplace for commercial finance is becoming more and more challenging. Lenders’ criteria are...

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    What people think Brokers do, versus what we actually do

    We often find that clients and other professionals alike don’t really understand exactly what we do as brokers and how we can support clients on their journey for finance. For a change, and for some fun, we thought we would set the record straight. What people think we do Only forward emails to a lender...

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    What is a broker and how can one help my business?

    For the past year, SMEs across the nation have had to adapt to all the new changes and challenges presented to them in many forms. For most, that means it has been quite difficult to plan for the future. With things leveling off, SMEs are now starting to make and even implement plans for future...

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