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What is a broker and how can one help my business?

For the past year, SMEs across the nation have had to adapt to all the new changes and challenges presented to them in many forms. For most, that means it has been quite difficult to plan for the future. With things leveling off, SMEs are now starting to make and even implement plans for future growth, and brokers are now more relevant than ever.

What is a Broker?

A commercial finance broker’s function is to secure funds from lenders and transfer those funds to the borrower, or business, and a good broker will know all the details of the process and have access to many lenders which approve funds. A broker will also have great knowledge of the market and will be able to offer a tailored product for the client, with the appropriate lender available.

How can a broker help my business?

Many businesses fail when applying for finance on their own, as the whole process can be daunting and lengthy, not to mention the many different requirements. Each business has different needs so how to achieve that can vary significantly between them, and a broker is able to identify the best opportunities depending on the case and maximise them.

In other words, a broker will be on your side through the whole process, has experience in their sector and knows the market well, and is able to save you and your business time.

ASC has been doing it for the past 50 years, and still going strong – we’ve had the opportunity to work with clients all over the UK, securing all types of finance, across all sectors and ultimately helping the UK economy grow. If there is something that we have, it’s experience, and we are experts who serve our client’s needs.

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