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What are the benefits of owning your premises?

For some business owners, purchasing the premises from which they operate can provide benefits, such as increasing the overall value of the business while providing more certainty in the big picture.

What are some of the benefits of owning premises?

  • Replacing rent with ownership – by being the owner of the premises, the money that you would be paying in rent would go to the loan that will pay itself in a certain number of years. The usual mortgage is generally cheaper than the usual rent.
  • Increased value – as with most property, if its value or land price increases you will benefit from the increase, incrementing your business’s total assets value, so it’s a win/win situation.
  • Certainty – by owning the property or land, you will never experience a situation where the landlord can ask to evict the premises as he’ll sell it or repurpose it. Owning the premises will provide certainty until you decide to sell the property.
  • Sublet free space – if your business isn’t using the premises to the full extent, some of the unused areas could be rented separately, increasing your monthly earnings. Then if the business expands, you could easily access this space.

There are plenty of other benefits to owning premises such as not wasting money on potential refurbishments. There are disadvantages too though, such as potential interest rate rises as we’ve seen in the past months which can make your payments higher, or if you need to move owning premises could take longer to sell, be more costly and overall complicated

To assess the right choice, research should be done properly to figure out how to reduce costs on potential business rates, security systems in place, and accessibility for parking, deliveries, and staff.  ASC’s commercial brokers provide further help and clarity on the potential property ownership availability and in securing the right finance for your purchase. We often hear clients mention they don’t know the avenues available to them and often don’t ask for finance, so get in touch with your local ASC office for more details.

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