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Specialisation, Yes. Restrictions, No.

At ASC, we know what we can do, and what we can’t. We’re specialised commercial, business and property finance brokers, and we stick to what we know best. In the finance broking world, specialisation is key. Just like how different types of finance have different requirements from lenders, they need different skillsets in a broker. For us, quality over quantity is key – if we tried to provide every type of finance possible, we’d be stretched so thin we wouldn’t have a chance of helping clients find a decent loan, let alone the right one!

However, just because we specialise doesn’t mean that we’re restrictive. For some, specialising in something means narrowing your criteria of what is acceptable, and only working with clients that fall into those narrow bounds. We don’t do that. Yes, we know what we’re best at, and we stick to it. But unlike a bank, we don’t silo clients off into a specific department’s responsibility and reject them if they don’t tick the right boxes. We enjoy unorthodox applications for finance – they’re a challenge that tests our abilities and produces new and interesting results. For ASC, every application is a new opportunity, and we’re dedicated to helping as many clients as possible!

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