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Is Bigger Really Better? The Advantages of Small Business

Money makes the world go ‘round. It’s an old adage, but one that often holds true. In many scenarios, the more money you have, the better you’ll do. It’s tempting to apply this across the business world as well – a big company with more money to throw around is bound to produce a better product or service, right?

Well, here at ASC, we think that an attitude like that is doing a major disservice to the world of smaller businesses. Adopting a “bigger is better” mindset in the business world risks disregarding the SMEs who can provide a much more unique, tailored service. Take us, for example – if you want a business loan, you could always go to your bank. They’re a big, rich organisation – their business is money, they’re bound to give you the best service! Unfortunately, more often that not you’d be wrong in that belief. A modern bank might be big and rich, but with size comes bureaucracy. You’d be lucky if you only had to spend days fighting through hold queues and account checks, not weeks. At ASC, though we might be far, far smaller than the banks, we have the agility to cut through that bureaucracy and get our clients to the people they need to speak to. We don’t do account numbers and customer systems – we interact with our clients personally and directly, and they agree that we provide a much better service.

This isn’t a phenomenon unique to ASC, either – having a smaller business results in a more specialised, focused and normally better experience across the entire SME world. A small, family run restaurant is normally miles better than what you’d get in a chain, for example, because they don’t try and do everything. They focus on getting a small number of things right, and are excellent in their field. That’s the key advantage of small businesses – excellence in their specific field. You might get a wider range of services going to a big business, but you’ll never get the quality of service you can expect from a SME.

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