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Interesting Times are ahead – use them to your advantage. The ASC Autumn Newsletter

Does anybody know what’s going on in the UK at the moment? We’d say that it’s fairly unlikely. With all the political dramatics and potential economic effects that’re being prepared for at the moment, the only thing that anyone can say for certain is that we’re in for interesting times.

In times like these, the instinctive response of many businesses is to attempt to “hunker down” and try and weather the coming storm. It’s not an unfair response with potential economic turmoil on the way. But here at ASC, we’d like to suggest a different option – now could be the time to push your business forward. With some big companies and major players treading nervously, there’s a lot of gaps opening up in the market that are perfect for small businesses to rush in to fill.

Expansion might seem like an odd thing to suggest in the current climate, but in our 50 years in the SME world one thing we can say we know for sure is that small businesses are adaptable. It’s an unsure climate at the moment, yes, but that doesn’t mean it will be forever. So, why not take the opportunity now to move forward and push your business to the level it deserves to be at?

Here at ASC, despite all the uncertainty, we know for sure that we’ll still be doing the same thing as always. Whether our clients want to secure their holdings and solidify their position, or to push their business forward for expansion, we’ll still be here to provide the faster, simpler, better finance you deserve!

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