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How will the new “automatic” planning permission changes impact development?

The Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick has announced that new homes will be granted “automatic” permission to be built. The move is part of the Government’s plans to speed up development to help minimise the economic impact of the coronavirus.

He said “Land designated for growth will empower development – new homes, hospitals, schools, shops and offices will be allowed automatically.”

Although the announcement has attracted some criticism, with some saying it might impact housing standards, the move is expected to provide a further boost to the housing market, after the recent Stamp Duty cuts.

The details are yet to be announced, but the move might potentially mean that property developers building new housing might face one less hurdle when it comes to new developments. With planning permission easier to obtain, one of the sole remaining hurdles when it comes to new developments will be access to the right finance. Hence it is important to ensure that if you are setting out on a new project, you have the finance in place to make it a reality.

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