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How to maximise your chances of receiving finance – 3 tips for the best applications

So, you need additional financing for your business? With lenders receiving 1000s of applications a year, it is crucial that to be receive the highest level of consideration, your application stands out.

Indeed, the quality of applications that lenders receive from different brokers is not always the finest and that impacts how they view any application. At ASC, we know what lenders want to see from an application; as one key decision-maker at a short-term lender says “The professional summary which accompanies each application gives a clear understanding of the case and enables us to provide a quick lending decision.”

This is why when we act as your broker, we present the lenders with a plan that shows:

  • a summary of the transaction
  • the relevant background information
  • highlights of any positive points surrounding the deal, if there are any weaknesses and why the latter do not matter and can be mitigated.

By clearly laying out all the information needed to make decisions, the lenders will then listen to the broker’s arguments. “I’ve found that ASC always provides me with a comprehensive presentation of their clients’ requirements which enables me to make an informed judgement on our ability to assist.” – a decision maker at a high street bank.

We understand what lenders look for in the quality of an application and can present the strongest possible application. Contact your local ASC director with no obligation and get the right finance for your business.

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