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Funds, safe and sound – Why you need to be sure of Security in Finance

Businesses are, by their nature, volatile creatures. Location, the economy and even the time of the year can serious affect a businesses’ fortunes, and nowhere is this truer than in the SME world. A small business doesn’t have the safety nets that major corporations do, and a turn in the financial winds can easily spell doom for SMEs.

In the finance world, this makes security one of the biggest issues for a broker to deal with. Making sure that, if nothing else, a client can rely on their agreed finance coming through on time is possibly the most important part of any broking process. In the wake of the collapse of the lender Amicus, security has come even more to the fore.

But how do you ensure security when you’re looking for finance for a client? Well, whilst we can’t speak for everyone, we can certainly tell you how we do it at ASC. For a start, we only work with trustworthy lenders – if we aren’t certain a lender is being honest with us, we certainly aren’t going to let our clients get anywhere near them. After that, it’s a matter of research and vetting – looking into a lender’s background, making sure that they’re properly certified, and many other tests and examinations before we trust them with our clients.

So, when you’re using ASC for finance, you can trust in the lenders we use. We want our clients to succeed, and to do that we make sure that the finance we help provide is as solid as it can possibly be.

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