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What’s your bank manager’s name? Any idea?

If we were to ask a business owner this question ten years ago. We’d have got an immediate answer. But now, I’m not so sure that many people know off the top of their heads.

Previously the relationship with the bank manager was key to any business’ success. They knew your business and they knew you. So, when you wanted to discuss your business plan, or take out a loan, you could approach them directly and they could make it happen.

Fast forward and a lot has changed.

The reason we think that a lot of businesses can’t answer the question, is not because they are forgetful, but rather they don’t have a bank manager to begin with!

In a lot of cases, the bank manager has disappeared. Branches have closed down and bank managers have been replaced by relationship managers, call centres or internet chat bots.

Knowing who you’re working with is important. It means you can talk to them about your project directly. And if things go wrong, you have someone who you can get in touch with and who is responsible for finding solutions and making it happen.

That’s why with ASC you have an experienced local director – and you’ll know their name!


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