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Three ways to diversify your property portfolio

After a strange 2020, the property market has proved itself to be fairly resilient. It’s also now being boosted by the recently announced, long-awaited, planning bill to modernise the planning system so more homes can be built. It’s a great time for property developers to look at diversifying their portfolio, and we share a few ideas for helping you to boost yours:

  1. Investing in Properties at different price points: instead of one luxurious property, think about investing in two high quality apartments for more security. Having a portfolio with different priced properties can offer more opportunities for value growth.
  2. Investing in varied property types: having a mix of apartments and houses, commercial property, completed and off-plan property can provide certain flexibility and help to maximise returns. Completed properties will certainly provide a passive income, but off-plan properties allow investors to purchase below market value before it grows in value and full potential.
  3. Investing in various locations: property price growth is a huge benefit to expand your investments, there have been areas in the UK which have grown more in value than others, and that is why choosing various locations matter.

What does this mean for developers and investors?

Having a mix of properties of different value, types and in various locations can successfully optimise your returns in the short and long term. There is a wealth of opportunities in the UK and ASC is here to assist in raising finance to fund new projects for our clients.

Please get in touch with your local ASC office to find out more.

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