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invoice discounting

  • Business, Finance

    Can my business benefit from Invoice Finance?

    A few weeks ago, we wrote to explain what invoice financing is and how it works (here in case you missed it). Have you thought about Invoice Discounting? In our experience, clients don’t think about it often enough. Below are some reasons why invoice financing would be something for your business to think more carefully...

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  • Finance, Loans

    What are the advantages of Invoice Financing for my business?

    Invoice financing is a term you might have heard without necessarily knowing what it is and how it can help you. There are broadly two types of invoice finance available; invoice factoring and invoice discounting, and both are efficient depending on the situation where it applies to. Invoice Discounting enables businesses to gain instant access to...

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  • Business

    Could invoice discounting be right for your business?

    There are many types of finance available out there from a multitude of different lenders. Not all products offer a solution for every eventuality. Take this situation: when a business is faced with a shortfall of working capital or wants to expand and requires some funds to help improve their cash position, could invoice discounting...

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