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Could invoice discounting be right for your business?

There are many types of finance available out there from a multitude of different lenders.

Not all products offer a solution for every eventuality.

Take this situation: when a business is faced with a shortfall of working capital or wants to expand and requires some funds to help improve their cash position, could invoice discounting or factoring the right kind of finance for them?

It’s not that simple. Every type of finance has a multitude of options. Did you even know that it can help with business expansion? If you buy a business, you can leverage invoice discounting to quickly increase your funding, as it automatically expands to the level of your qualified debtors to match your trading level.

But could invoice discounting be right for your business?

Well that entirely depends on the nature of it, how many regular clients you have, and what you’re looking to do. A clever broker will work out the right type of finance for your needs and the multiple variations thereof.

For any organisation, getting the right type of commercial finance is a complex, bespoke process, and using a broker like ASC can help to make it as seamless as possible.

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