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    Buying a business? Five useful lessons you should learn

    Every entrepreneur will face unique challenges when buying a business, but there are some real-life lessons that you can learn in advance. To support you in your buying journey,  this article – from the world’s leading platform for buying and selling businesses – will explore five helpful lessons every entrepreneur should understand and internalise. You may...

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  • Banks, Economy, Finance

    Buying a business – how accessible is bank finance?

    Last autumn’s market turmoil and the subsequent 14 consecutive base rate rises by the Bank of England have dramatically changed the commercial lending landscape compared to 12 months ago. So, if you’re considering buying or expanding a business, how likely will you get bank finance? Here’s how the UK bank lending market is currently looking:...

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    Why you should buy a pub in 2023!

    Are you thinking of buying a pub, but you’re not sure if it’s the right decision? This article will list the top reasons why it can be a practical investment.   Do you want to buy a pub in the United Kingdom? Discover why it is a smart choice from industry experts.   We’ve asked our friends...

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  • Banks, Business, Economy, Finance, Financial World, Loans, Property, SME

    Where does the saying “Cash is King” actually come from?

    The saying “cash is king” is a common phrase used in the financial world. It means that cash (or liquid assets that can be easily converted into cash) are the most valuable assets to have, especially in times of uncertainty.  The origins of the phrase are not clear, but it has been used in the financial...

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  • Banks, Business, Finance, Financial World, Loans, SME

    Why you should consider buying a business!

    A lot of people aspire to be their own boss – one way of doing this is to look at buying your own business.  Buying a business can be daunting, but it can also be a smart investment decision, and there can be specific benefits to business ownership. If you’re considering buying a business, it’s...

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  • In The Press

    ASC Finance comment on's recent survey about financing a business purchase

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    Why do lenders need to see my bank statements?

    It is a question we often get asked by our clients. When we are discussing their commercial finance requirements with them, we go through the documentation that lenders might request as part of their underwriting. One thing lenders often ask for is the borrower’s bank statements. And one thing the borrower often asks is “why?”...

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    Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Support Small Business, Here’s what you can do!  

    OK, so we are probably not going to win any awards for our Valentines poetry. But that’s ok. At ASC we pride ourselves on helping small businesses, and being part of the UK’s SME community.   So we wanted to take a break from telling everyone how great we are and how we can help small...

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    "Why you should buy a garden centre" – Guest blog by

    There’s no denying that plants bring people joy. Why not contribute to this happiness whilst making a profit? This article will offer valuable advice on buying a garden centre. Why would you want to buy a garden centre? While it may seem like a rather arbitrary sector to buy in to, its importance in and...

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  • Housing, Property

    "Why you should buy a hotel" - Guest blog by

    Thinking of buying a hotel? It can be a valuable form of property investment, and this article will tell you why. Is buying a hotel a good idea? The short answer is yes. With the right market research, preparation and dedication, your new hotel could be a highly profitable business venture. This industry is characterised...

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