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Stuck getting finance? You shouldn’t be….

The process of securing finance can be confusing, and everyone’s requirements are slightly different, but what are the most common difficulties presented to businesses or individuals looking to secure finance?

  1. Where to go – There are just so many financial institutions, associations and different financial products available that can make your finance journey bumpy (before its even started sometimes!). We do often find that clients come to use for that very reason there are almost too many choices out there. ASC is able to help your business secure finance and set your business for success for the years to come.
  2. Missing application information – Lenders can ask borrowers for any information while they are analysing your business’ suitability for a loan, and there will always be information that you might not have available. Sometimes, how you present the application is almost as important as the information itself.
  3. Overcoming the negatives – securing finance isn’t always plain sailing and there will always be issues that come up. They are aspects that can be resolved, and if you are an ASC client, we will do everything in our power to help with that.

As our ASC Director Robert Harrison in ASC Merseyside comments, “sometimes new clients come to me frustrated that they have been declined for finance and think they cannot proceed with their project. By taking the time to understand what they want and putting the request in front of the right funder, we can get the deal done to the delight of the client.”

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