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Keeping the “Human Touch”

Finance is getting more technical. It’s an undeniable fact. Computing, coding and “Fintech” have meant that over the last 20 years, finance has become less about pen, paper and handshakes, and more about computers, keyboards and algorithms.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the rise of computing and automated systems has made finding finance quicker and easier than it’s ever been. Instead of a back-and-forth series of letters or digging through a newspaper to find adverts that might do what you need, now you can search the internet for brokers and lenders and get in contact with them instantly. Instead of needing to go and search a massive filing cabinet, now someone can call up your details with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Finance is certainly more convenient now.

However, at ASC we believe that it’s incredibly important that we don’t let the world of business finance become all about technology. Technology may be convenient, but we’ve all experienced the frustration of having to constantly recite an account number down the phone before anyone at the bank will actually talk to us! That’s why we’re so hot on making sure we have a personal relationship with our clients at ASC. When it comes down to, who would you prefer working with – a computer full of data that decides your loan on an algorithm, or an experienced professional that knows exactly who to talk to?

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