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How can a Broker help increase your total loan size?

At ASC, we have had a varied number of ways and solutions that we have implemented to complete the deal and secure finance for our clients.

We have recently had a deal where the bank manager came back to ASC to say they couldn’t accept it and had capped the loan for our client at £200,000. So, we had to provide a quick solution, and proactively proposed to the bank manager to make it a condition of the loan that the management accounts would be signed off. It turns out that the bank agreed to our proposal and had increased their loan offer taking the total loan size to £250,000.

ASC always finds ways and takes the initiative to find solutions to secure finance for our clients.

If our client had approached the bank directly, he would have received £50,000 less than he needed. But instead, he had us advocating for him, understanding both what the bank needed to see and what he wanted. This is one of the many ways that using a broker can save you time and money, or in this case, increase your loan size.

Contact ASC to secure finance for your clients’ business, we know how to deal with the banks.

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