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How we help our clients – From rejected finance to Harrods supplier.

At ASC we have some deals that we are particularly proud of. Alison Hunter from ASC in Scotland shares one such deal, which remains one that she is most proud of, and it happens to be one of her first clients who walked into her office an early morning.

The client had been in the smoked fish industry for many years. He always wanted to set up his own business and did an enormous amount of work on preparing his case, producing business plans and projections. But Alison’s client was rejected for finance by the lender he approached.

Alison comments, “He was really passionate and I really liked him as a client, so I made the decision to help him and we spent quite a bit of time reworking his case and presentation. I had to go out and see the lenders who originally had seen the case and rejected it. I had to get them to reconsider his case which is really difficult to do with lenders. However, with some perseverance we managed to get the door opened with one particular lender. It has been fantastic to see that grow from the early meeting in the first days of my business here in ASC Scotland.”

Eventually that first finance deal enabled the client’s business to fully take off and become even more successful. The deal led to many more discussions with ASC over the years as the business continued to grow. The client’s produce eventually made it to The Gleneagles Hotel, a famous hotel in Scotland visited by celebrities, and now supplies to Harrods.

For us, this example just shows how we can add value as brokers, by opening doors to finance that might otherwise be closed if you try and go it alone. Get in touch with your local ASC office to secure finance for your business.

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