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Everyone wants the “right” deal. What does that actually mean?

One of the first things any broker will hear from a client is “What deals can you get me?”. It’s not an unexpected question, nor is it an unfair one. After all, when it comes down to it, a broker’s job is to get the finance you need, with the right terms. However, there’s one small issue with being able to answer this question – how do you define what the “right” deal for a client is?

Business Finance is bespoke. We’ve said this many times before, and it’s always worth repeating. Almost every single aspect of your businesses’ loan depends on the specific circumstances you’re in. This makes defining the “right” deal all about client priorities. Some clients will want the lowest interest rate humanly possible, come-what-may. Others might prefer to sacrifice interest rates for a specific repayment setup. Every business will have different needs, which means that every “right deal” will be a different deal entirely.

What this really means, then, is that the best answer to a client that asks that question is actually a question in itself – “What are you looking for?”. Every broker is out to get you the deal that works for you – but what that deal looks like is entirely up to you!

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