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Developing property during times of crisis

Property Development can be complicated at the best of times. Property Development during times of crisis can be a whole other story. As the UK continues to ease out of lockdown, the government is seeking to revive the property market. Builders can work on construction sites, estate agents can open, viewings can be carried out and removal firms can carry out their operations.

With so many aspects to keep in mind, it is key to remember that at this time, these might vary from “the usual”. From managing timescales to organising all the workers, every project is different and has differing requirements and solutions. Fortunately, at ASC, we make sure that your Property Development projects are always in safe hands. We will find the right finance for your business regardless of the current situation.

From refurbishments to large scale constructions, we will look at the specifics of your project to find the right finance for your business. Contact your local ASC Director and they will handle proposing your application to lenders so you can focus on developing your property.

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